If you drink every day you have a problem

I have successfully treated quite a number of people with an alcohol problem.  It’s not as easy as dealing with smoking, although with a number of treatments it is usually successful.

30,000 people just in the UK have alcohol caused cirrhosis of the liver and 1,000 of them die each year.

Alcohol related cirrhosis of the liver is a big problem in the UK.

There were 1 million admissions to hospital in 2011 and it is estimated that there are 2 million people with alcohol related liver problems in the UK.  37% of liver related deaths were caused by alcohol.

Although the maximum recommended dose of alcohol per day is 3 units for a woman or 1 glass of wine  and 4 for a man or 1½ pints of beer; I would think 4 units a week is more realistic.

From a random survey of people breathalysed going to work in the morning 46% had alcohol from the night before and 10% had twice the drink drive limit in their blood.

From a random survey 23% said they never went to work with a hangover, 32% had a hangover twice a year, 22% had one once a month and 23% had one once a week.

17% of drink drivers who are prosecuted, are caught in the morning and you would need to be three times over the limit the night before to fail the test the morning after.

The chemicals in alcohol are poisonous and when the liver processes alcohol some of its cells die as a result.  It is able to repair itself but if you drink too much or too often then it will not be able to repair the damage and as you get older so its self repair ability reduces.

When you drink alcohol the dead cells become scar tissue which replaces the healthy tissue and when this process has gone too far the liver will fail and cause death.

If you are weight watching pure alcohol has 7 calories per gram or 73 calories per oz; plus the calories in what ever you are drinking.

This website is to be of help; not just to promote Pembrokeshire Hypnotherapy.  The following information may well of use to people suffering from alcoholism or people close to those suffering from alcoholism: Alcoholics Anonymous - 0845 769 7555 or contact us by email: help@alcoholics-anonymous.org.uk



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