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A simple way to look at diet is that all engines use hydrogen as fuel and the other stuff is just a catalyst, so human beings and diesel engines use hydrogen as their fuel.  If you drank a small amount of diesel it would probably kill you.  If you fed liquid hydrogen into the injector of a diesel engine it would crack the cylinder head.  Diesel is hydrocarbons (hydrogen and carbon) plus other stuff that the diesel engine needs.  Human being fuel is carbohydrate (hydrogen and carbon) plus other stuff that we need.

A lot of refined sugar will do a lot of damage - quickly.  The balance of acidifying and alkalising foods if badly wrong will cause a lot of damage, so you should eat raw fruit and salad - often!  Most raw fruit and salad not only contain alkaline such as potassium but the act of defecation of them improves PH balance and thereby the production of electricity in areas that do essential maintenance of the body.  It’s not just the removal of acid, it is the removal of acid that contains used hydrogen compounds.  It’s a bit like removing a potato from the exhaust of a diesel engine.  The smoke can get out and reduce the back pressure to the correct level.

Diet Simply Put - or Cold Combustion